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The Bronze Age Food Fail We Can All Relate To

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The Bronze Age Food Fail We Can All Relate To

In news that will hearten any cook that has catasrophically burnt or ruined a meal, leaving disappointed hungry friends around the dinner table frantically Googling nearby takeout options, scientists have uncovered a near 3000–year–old food fail that proves humans have been messing–up in the kitchen (or the ancient equivalent) for millennia.

Burnt Cheese

As The Daily Meal reports, archaeologists in Denmark uncovered a well preserved bronze–age pot on a recent dig, only to find the remnants of a failed attempt to make cheese burnt to the inside and bottom of the pot. Analysis showed that the hapless cook was likely trying to make hard cheese by boiling down bovine whey. The food fail was so bad it’s possible they simply threw the pot away rather than cleaning it. Some things never change, eh?

Fire Cooking

Who knows what distracted the bronze–age cook, but it’s comforting to know that burning food is a seemingly inherent human trait. Plus, this person didn’t have the luxury of heat control.

If you’re hungry for more food fails, this time caught on camera, then the video of 20+ food fails below is for you, and there are plenty more here. Prepare not to do any more work for the rest of the afternoon though.

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