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Ferran Adrià Food Documentary Released

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Ferran Adrià Food Documentary Released

Cooking in Progress - The now famous documentary that follows the work of Spanish chef Ferran Adrià as he and his team plan their new menu for Elbulli is released today.

Made by the German director, Gereon Wetzel, the documentary starts by explaining how Ferran's elBulli restaurant, which was five times voted the best restaurant in the world, closes for six months a year as his team head to a research kitchen to develop their dishes for next seasons' menu.

It's a fascinating insight into the work of Ferran who is famous for his modernist cooking techniques and surprising foods, such as inside out ravioli and melting coconuts. Here's a look at the trailer:

Having seen the movie during Milan Film Week we can say that it's a great window into a kitchen of a master. Watching Ferran's cooking staff painstakingly buy four cherries and just five tomatoes from a bemused Spanish producer is priceless. And watching Ferran taste a dish he is not happy with is an insightful insight into the man and his rules in the kitchen as he tells his kitchen junior, don't ever feed me bad tasting food again.

Viewers see how dishes are transformed and how Ferran and his team take existing, traditional ingredients and manage to present them with a touch of the iconic elBulli magic. And the only way to get close to elBulli's food if you were not lucky enough to try it before it closed in 2011.

With Ferran recently announcing a new Mexican restaurant in Barcelona, his unveiling of a new culinary Wikipedia style website,, and his culinary foundation opening in 2014 - this documentary is sure to firmly focus the spotlight once again on the Spanish chef and surely increase the envy felt by those not lucky enough to try his food.

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