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Clare Smyth Says Writer Published Bad Article Without Visiting Her Restaurant

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Clare Smyth Says Writer Published Bad Article Without Visiting Her Restaurant

Two-starred chef Clare Smyth has claimed the writer, Jan Moir, wrote a bad piece about her restaurant in London without ever stepping foot in the restaurant.  

In a speech at the MAD Symposium in Denmark all about what it takes to open a new place, Smyth explained a strange story from the opening night of her new London restaurant, Core.

"Naturally there is an open kitchen, where chefs use gilded tweezers to garnish these dwarf dishes with micro herbs...The main dish was a scallop (singular), which looked very pretty but was overcooked — perhaps the team were too busy ironing the petals of an edible gossamer pansy to notice. A great number of restaurants have become so obsessed with profit margins that the food/turnover balance has become hopelessly corroded. It looked to me as if the raw ingredients for this tiresome ‘banquet’ couldn’t have cost much more than a fiver. Is this what happens in a world where customers are more interested in taking photographs of their food than enjoying it? Sad if so." Read the full article. 

Smyth claimed scallops were not the main course and cost her way more than a fiver, she also said critics should have a better knowledge and understanding about what it takes to run a restaurant in any big city, let alone England’s capital. It should also be noted that Core has since received two Michelin stars in record time. 

Be sure to watch the full speech below. 

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