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Swine Strikes Again: A Website Made of Bacon

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Swine Strikes Again: A Website Made of Bacon

After my recent post about bacon, The Shrine of Swinein which I looked at the many strange ways people and companies pay tribute to pay bacon around the world I thought my bacon antics were dead and buried - that is until I read about the bacon website. 

Not bacon for website - but a website made from bacon. It's been done by Kraft with the advertising agency CP+B to promote a new Macaroni & Cheese flavor and involved a bacon takeover with the sports web site Bleacher Reports being baconized. The site receives around 25 million unique visitors a month and on Friday readers were given the option to replace the existing site layout with a bacon one at the click of a button. 

At first glance it seems like the some clever photo shop trickery but was in fact a real bacon marathon in which the team physically built the websites layout from bacon, as you can see in the behind the scenes video: 

You should be able to baconise the site again on April 7th - I myself can't wait

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