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The Sensor That Lets Plants Speak

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The Sensor That Lets Plants Speak

We've already taken a look at the plant sensor that users can build at home - allowing them to understand better when a flower needs to be watered. We know that not everyone likes the DIY option so here's a nice alternative.

Flower Power
by Parrot sits within soil and can inform users when plants need more or less sunlight and when their moisture temperature and even fertilizer needs to be changed.

The wireless device links with a smart phone app to display all the relevant data. It comes with a 6 month battery life and is available in emerald and wood.

The idea is to build a database of information about more than 6,000 plants meaning specs and details will be highly specific for every strain.

The sensor is not yet launched but the company's website suggests it will be commercially available in 2013.

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