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Flower Gelato is Blooming Marvellous

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Flower Gelato is Blooming Marvellous

Italian gelato is a thing of beauty in itself and yes, it is different from ice cream: it’s made with whole milk, it’s churned at a lower speed, and served at a higher temperature – see this handy infographic for more info.

But turning up the beauty dial even further is a geletaria in Sydney, Australia called i-Creamy, which serves its 24 flavours of homemade gelato as amazing flower gelato.

According to the website, the owner studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and then the Carpigiani Gelato University on the outskirts of Bologna, before establishing i-Creamy in 2012.

They certainly aren’t the first to experiment with gelato flowers, but they’ve built up quite a following for their exquisite treats. And if you’re wondering exactly how they do it then take a look at the video further down.

It’s just such a shame they have to melt/not a shame to eat them.



The best time for ice-cream is...always 🍦🍦🍦 Bubblegum, matcha or strawberry? 😍

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Choc mint, young coconut & Thai milk tea flower gelato 🌸🌺🍦#flowericecream #flowergelato

A photo posted by Meggs 🦁 (@meggskitchen) on



#flowergelato #gelato #taro #saltedcaramel #icecream

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The most beautiful gelato I've ever eaten! 😍🍦🌹 #foodie #gelato #flowergelato #sydney

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Wozu Rosen wenn man Eis bekommt🌹 #icreamy #flower #flowergelato #sydney #australia #icecream

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