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The Tortilla Making Machine

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The Tortilla Making Machine

Carlos Ruiz is a Mexican living abroad who, after missing his mum’s homemade version, has developed a new system for making fresh tortillas at home.

In search of an alliterative to the often stale tortilla he found at supermarkets, Ruiz created Flatev - an instant tortilla maker that works a bit like a Nespresso coffee machine. Users place their carton of dough into the machine and watch as a fresh tortilla is made.

The machine takes less than a minute to kick out a fresh tortilla, at the moment this is a plain flavour but the team say they’re working on a range of flavours for the future, including blue corn, garlic, bacon and a cinnamon flavour. Ruiz says they will also look to develop a whole new range of bread products including naan and roti flatbreads.

The machine is set to retail for a price of around $199 and people can pre-order their device by adding their name to the growing waiting list.

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