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Plenty of Fish In The Sea - fish lovers to be able to trace the catch of the day

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Plenty of Fish In The Sea - fish lovers to be able to trace the catch of the day
Photo Garry Knight / Flickr

A new 'Boat to Plate' app for smart phones is currently being developed by researchers and fishermen in Portland, USA. The app aims to give New England seafood consumers total supply chain transparency at the supermarket counter.


All should be revealed by a barcode which the customer will scan prior to purchase. Information will be provided informing the buyer exactly which waters the fish was caught in, the name of the fishing boat, and possibly even a photo of the very fisherman who caught it.

How will it be developed?

The New England project has been awarded a grant from the federal government and  will inolve the succesful completion of data collection of a number of key processes including ,catch, landing, auction, processing and delivery.


Whittle in The Associated Press reported fishermen and scientists as saying this was not about a new gimmick but survival. Dwindling fish stocks and fishing quotas are all taking their toll on fishermans livelihoods and the 'Boat to Plate' project is a means of giving fisherman a chance at a future.

Whilst the concept of traceability is nothing new, retailers, restaurants and consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the origin and traceability of their food in general. A cascade of traceability style apps have been created in recent years in a multi billion dollar industry.


The app is due to be released in approximately two years time.

The jury is still out on the development of the app, some sceptics and from fisherman who would rather be fishing but the app will undoubtedly give these East Coast fisherman a point of differentiation in a global market.



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