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Could Fish and Chips Soon Be Extinct?

By FDL on

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Could Fish and Chips Soon Be Extinct?

Prince Charles, famous for his supporting the plight of local farmers, the rural spokesperson and voice for those in agriculture has now taken up the fight for fish and chips.

In a speech at The World Fisheries Congress in Edinburgh the Prince of Wales reminised about finishing school to rush away and buy fish and chips and warned that a meal that is often taken for granted could soon die off if the problem of over-fishing isn't fixed.

"Fish and chips are a part of British culture, one of our iconic national dishes...The simple fact is that fish and chip shops rely on there being plenty more fish in the sea, and that is only going to be the case if we take care of fish stocks now and plan for them to be there long into the future."

A stark warning about the effects of over-fishing and one that will resonate through British society as people come to terms with the fact that without a change in the way we fish the oceans - fish and chips could soon be a thing of the past.

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