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Struggling Restaurant Saved By Facebook Post

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Struggling Restaurant Saved By Facebook Post
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Here’s some heart–warming news: a struggling fish and chip restaurant in Alberta, Canada has been saved by the actions of a kind–hearted, social media–savvy first–time customer.

Colin Ross decided to visit Whitbie’s Fish & Chips in Lethbridge for the first time on a hangover and was blown away by the quality of the food – halibut to be exact – and equally dumbfounded to find the place completely empty.

The fish and chip restaurant’s owner, John McMillan, a Scottish immigrant, told Ross, with a resigned shrug, that the restaurant was in dire straits. So, with a background in marketing, Ross decided to do something: he created a Facebook post (below) encouraging Lethbridge residents to check the amazing fish and chip restaurant out.

The post has since been liked over 8000 times and in the days following, hundreds of customers came to the restaurant to sample its British fish and chips, the best fish and chips around according to Ross.

Mr McMillan has now seen his best business in seven years according to Buzzfeed.

What’s that? No, no we’ve just got something in our eyes, honestly. Those definitely aren’t tears.

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