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What is Fish Acupuncture?

By FDL on

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What is Fish Acupuncture?

The web is going crazy after singer Katy Perry sent the below tweet about a recent trip to the Park restaurant in Montreal where she ate fish that had undergone a session of acupuncture, yes people, that's fish based acupuncture.

Although fans and haters have jumped onto the singer’s tweet, some negative - others intrigued by what exactly fish acupuncture is - the process of using acupuncture to calm fish during transit is actually nothing new.

The video below, posted in 2011, shows how workers at a fish market in Japan have taken to using the method to transport fish over long distances while retaining freshness - something that’s vital for sushi.

The fish are placed in a deep sleep, an idea developed by a fisherman who needed a solution for transporting his catch. He discovered his own style of fish acupuncture after researching the pressure points found on specific fish.

The video shows how the process calms them down, makes them move less, take up less space and allow them to be easily transported over long distances, sleeping all the way.

Perry may have made the fish famous but as you can see from the date of the video below, it's likely that Britney was eating acupunctured sushi long before Katy kissed a girl and decided she liked it. 

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