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Ferran's Advice for Recession Struck Restaurants

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Ferran's Advice for Recession Struck Restaurants
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Fine dining has been hit hard by the recession and Ferran Adria has some advice for chefs battling these tough times.

Drawing from his own experience after el Bulli closed last year, Ferran told Spanish news agency EFE that gourmet dining needs to be restructured. "There shouldn't be so many luxury restaurants, and there should only be about 20 avant-garde experimental restaurants in the whole world," Ferran said in an interview.

The chef, whose made an entire career of fine dining, including topping the World's 50 Best Restaurants list five times, said it is a ''horror" that people hardly frequent expensive restaurants for lunch. "It's a structural problem...[that requires] brutal change.''

Ferran proposed luxury restaurants do away with lunch and, instead, offer two dinner services each evening. It's a change he said should start taking place in cities that are considered dining capitals around the world.

Ferran acknowledged that Spain has been hit particularly hard by the crisis but feels the country's restaurant industry can bounce back due to a generation of ''fantastic'' cooks: ''In Spain, there are 10 chefs that are among the 'World's Top 20' when it comes to innovation, there are great people here.''

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