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Video - Ferran Adria's Dinner in Hong Kong

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Video - Ferran Adria's Dinner in Hong Kong

Ferran Adria has been hosting a series of dinners as part of the promotional tour for his newest book, elBulli 2005-2011, a monster offering of seven volumes documenting 6 years at his world famous restuarnt.

In the video below Adria can be seen speaking with guests at Jason Atherton’s Aberdeen Street Social in Hong Kong.

Atherton, a previous apprentice of Adria, was in charge of cooking the dinner for what looks like a lot of guests.

Speaking with Phaidon, Atherton Said: “What I took most from Ferran was to open my mind, be creative and let my cuisine be free. It was the greatest year of my culinary life. I learned so much and I was so happy just working and learning from someone so intelligent.”

Take a look as the apprentice finally gets to cook for the master.

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