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Adrià Reveals New Restaurant in Barcelona Will Open in 2014

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Adrià Reveals New Restaurant in Barcelona Will Open in 2014

After the opening of Pakta, the Adrià Brothers latest joint venture, the world has been waiting for the debut of their upcoming Mexican restaurant in Barcelona.

Called Yaguarcan (House of the Jaguar), the restaurant was scheduled to open this summer but in an interview with Fine Dining Lovers, Ferran Adrià explained that the opening has been delayed due to a problem with venue. ''This week they are finding a new location and in 4 or 5 months we hope to open.''

He revealed Yauarcan will feature contemporary Mexican cuisine and ''will be similar in style to Tickets but more fun" explaining that the brother's new place will include a cantina.

Adrià was quick to point that he couldn't offer many other details because his brother Albert is more involved with the restaurants in Barcelona.

''When it comes to business in Barcelona, Albert is in charge, I'm pretty much in the shadows. In the elBulliFoundation I am the yin and Albert is the yan, but in business Albert is yin yin yin and I'm a little bit of yan. Yauarcan is really his project.''

We'll keep you posted on any developments and bring you the latest details on Yauarcan as soon as more information is available. Stay tuned…

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