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Ferran Adria Wants You to Hack Bullipedia

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Ferran Adria Wants You to Hack Bullipedia
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Ferran Adria's efforts in developing his massive culinary encyclopedia have taken an interesting turn, the chef has just launched a contest called HackingBulliPedia.

The goals of the HackinBulliPedia contest, which was launched in unison with Spanish telecom giant Telefónica, include improving the design, creativity and technology involved in the creating the BulliPedia.

The contest is open to all but is primarily focused on recruiting specialists and students in computer science, design, technology and data visualization. 

"We have only just scratched the surface when it comes to realizing the full potential of technology and food. Bullipedia is an attempt to unlock the culinary knowledge of the greatest chefs and make it available to everyone on the web. With this initiative we are inviting creative and talented people everywhere to join us in this exciting challenge," Adrià stated in a press release. 

Pablo Rodriquez, Director of Research at Telefónica also commented, "we know that the best ideas can come from anywhere which is why open innovation is so important at Telefónica. This challenge is a perfect example of this approach in action."

Participants interested in the contest have until October 30th to submit their proposals. Winners will be invited to spend three months in Barcelona working with Adrià and representatives from Telefónica. Get the full details here.

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