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Ferran Adrià Searching For 1,000 Entrepreneurs

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Ferran Adrià Searching For 1,000 Entrepreneurs
Photo Trip4Real/Youtube

Ferran Adrià wants you to join his team. Well, kind of. The acclaimed chef is seeking 1,000 entrepreneurs looking to start a small business in Spain.

Adrià is collaborating with Trip4Real, a Spanish start-up, to increase tourism in his native country by creating job opportunities for business oriented people, El País reports.

Essentially, Adrià is encouraging people to turn their hobbies into a career by teaming up with Trip4Real. Through the website would-be entrepreneurs would have a platform to advertise their business. 

For instance, foodies could teach cooking classes or host cocktail workshops while avid athletes could offer bike rides through the countryside. These cool travel opportunities could cost as little as 15 euros (about $18) per person.

It's certainly a refreshing option for foodies and travelers interested in going off the beaten path and experiencing Spain through the eyes of a local. The website currently offers activities in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Girona, Granada and Seville.

As of now, Trip4Real has about 5,000 users but Adrià, who has invested in the company, would like to see that number grow by the thousands, especially in light of Spain's economic crisis.

It seems like an idea that would do well in other parts of the world. Don't you think?

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