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Ferran Adria Names Upcoming Nikkei Restaurant 'Pakta'

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Ferran Adria Names Upcoming Nikkei Restaurant 'Pakta'
Photo El Comercio

In just two months Ferran Adria's much anticipated new restaurant will open in Barcelona. The Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant is called Pakta and is expected to open January 15.

Adria and his brother Albert have hired an international team of chefs, including some from Peru and Japan, to run their 30-seat venture. So far, they have recruited Jorge Muñoz Castro, a Spanish chef with Peruvian roots, (pictured above),  Franco Kisic from Peru, Sebastián Mazzola from Argentina and  Kioko Ii from Japan.

As of now, the chefs are putting together Pakta's menu which is based on Nikkei cuisine, a traditional cuisine of Peru which blends Japanese and Peruvian elements.

''We will serve sushi but not makis,'' Muñoz Castro told Peruvian publication El Comercio. The chef indicated other menu items will include the classic Peruvian tiraditos, ceviches and nigiri-causas (a layered dish typically made of potatoes).

A Japanese themed restaurant is not a departure for Ferran Adria, who rose to international fame at his now-closed restaurant elBulli. Adria is a longtime fan of Japanese cuisine and is currently keeping busy with his Bullipedia project and plans for an upcoming Mexican restaurant.

Via El Comercio

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