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PHOTOS: 17 Years Worth of Ferran Adrià

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PHOTOS: 17 Years Worth of Ferran Adrià
Photo By Gerry Dawes via Pinterest

Spanish wine expert, food writer and photographer Gerry Dawes has published a stunning compilation of photographs he's taken of Ferran Adrià over the past 17 years. The images can be found on Pinterest and trace the career of one of the world's most famous chefs.

Adrià, who became famous for his avant-garde cuisine at the now defunct elBulli, has become a forced to be reckoned with in the past two decades. He holds the prestige of having earned three Michelin stars and being named the world's best chef a whopping five times.

The chef is still operating restaurants with his very brother and partner Albert Adrià but is currently focusing on numerous projects planned for The elBulli Foundation, which stands where his famous restaurant once did. One of biggest undertakings by the foundation is the creation of the BulliPedia, a massive online gastro-encyclopedia.

Adrià also keeps busy as a speaker at conferences on cooking an creativity and is one of the chefs recruited by Harvard University for its Science and Cooking class.

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