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Ferran Adrià Visited Modernist Cuisine - Watch What Happened

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Ferran Adrià Visited Modernist Cuisine - Watch What Happened
Photo Screenshot via Vimeo

Last March, an epic encounter between Ferran Adrià and Modernist Cuisine took place at The Cooking Lab in Washington. Now, there's a video that captured the magical meeting between these culinary giants.

Nathan Myhrvold and his team at Modernist Cuisine honored Adrià by cooking 50 courses as a homage to the chef's latest book elBulli 2005-2011. Divided in nine sequences, the five-hour feast featured "unexpected flavors and textures" that "transported guests across the globe and back again," according to the Modernist Cuisine blog

We can only imagine what this incredible experience must have been like. Luckily, this whirlwind video captured all of the 50 dishes in just 60 seconds, everything from the first cocktail to tortillas stamped with Adrià's face and the final pour of absinthe. Watch...and watch again:

Via Modernist Cuisine/Twitter

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