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Ferran Adria Talks About Creativity

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Ferran Adria Talks About Creativity

Ferran Adria is a man who is very interested in creativity. He recently featured on the cover of Wired magazine in an article discussing how he harnesses creativity and the chef plans to research it at his upcoming elBulli Foundation.

Speaking at Mad Food Camp 2012, Ferran talks about appetite and asks the question, do I have an appetite for creativity?

Rene Redzepi introduces Ferran on stage with a nice story of working as an intern in the elBulli kitchen and how this period fueled Rene to continue working as a chef and inspired him to take up the style he is known for today.

After a standing ovation Ferran goes on to talk about his philosophies towards work, cooking and creativity. It's a fascinating insight into the work and mind of one of the most important chefs of the past twenty years. 

Editors Note: We are aware that the video appers to be down at the moment.

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