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Ferran Adrià Lecture on Creativity

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Ferran Adrià Lecture on Creativity

Here's an interesting video with Ferran Adrià from a lecture he gave to a group of business students on the topic of: Should Business Meet Art?

He speaks about the fact that he believes only 3 chefs have changed the culinary landscape over the past 150 years, adding that: "one of the three started a movement" - he doesn't say who which leaves us all guessing.

There is also a discussion on the same topic from the architect Makoto Tanijiri and a Q&A with the audience.

The general lines of the lecture follow Adrià's ongoing research into creativity, how creative people create and can organization or different ways of working help to harness more creativity.

He also stresses the importance of taking a break so why not follow his advice and watch this video.

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