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Arzak, Adria, Esposito: Three Stellar Chefs Enjoy An Italian Tour

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Arzak, Adria, Esposito: Three Stellar Chefs Enjoy An Italian Tour
Photo Luciano Pignataro Wine Blog

Italy has turned into the late summer stomping ground of three of the world's best chefs. They share eight Michelin stars between them, which only enhances the culinary adventures of Ferran Adria, Juan Mari Arzak and Gennaro Esposito.

Ferran and Juan Mari, two of Spain's most acclaimed chefs, are being led around the Gulf of Naples by Gennaro Esposito, chef of the two-Michelin star Torre del Saracino, a restaurant built in and around a 1,300 year old clock tower along the Sorrentine Coast.

Italian press caught up with the chefs during a break from their yacht tour of Southern Italy. The culinary giants were asked how they felt about the Mediterranean diet, the restaurant industry and to describe each other's cuisine in a fun Q&A by Italian publication Corriere del Mezzo Giorno. 

The interview revealed some interesting facts about the chefs. It turns out Juan Mari is a fan of hip-hop, Ferran favors the Rolling Stones and Gennaro digs Led Zeppelin. When asked what film best describes their cuisine, both Ferran and Gennaro chose Pulp Fiction while Juan Mari stuck with the whimsical Happy Feet.

All chefs agreed the economic crisis has impacted their business, some more than others. As elegant and creative as their food is, when asked for their favorite dishes each chef chose simple flavors. Juan Mari likes a good fried egg with a sprinkle of red chili, Gennaro favors a simple tomato salad while Ferran said his favorite dish is whatever he is craving at the moment.

But it wasn't all seriousness for the chefs. When asked what is extra virgin olive oil, Ferran had a bit of fun with the question and answered: ''I know virgins, but none extra.'' Could we expect anything less from the man whose creativity is the reason he graces the cover of Wired magazine?

Via Corriere del Mezzo Giorno

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