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Ferran Adrià: ''elBulli Is A Philosophy''

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Ferran Adrià: ''elBulli Is A Philosophy''
Photo Screenshot via The Guardian

In this video from The Guardian, Ferran Adrià opens up to journalist Tim Hayward about his exhibit at London's Somerset House, upcoming plans for elBulli Foundation and the evolution of his BulliPedia.

Adrià, who closed his world famous restaurant elBulli back in 2011, has been busy promoting his elBulli Foundation ever since. He said the foundation, which is situated on the grounds of his defunct restaurant, will most likely open in 2015.

The chef makes some interesting remarks about the future of haute cuisine and the importance of culinary education. He also talked about why he wanted to do an elBulli exhibit: ''In the world of cooking, there has never been enough time for reflection. The work is very hard and it is not easy to reflect. Usually where people reflect is the university. Or in places like these (referring to his exhibit).'' 

Here's the full interview:

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