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Ferran Adrià Explains What He's Up To Now

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Ferran Adrià Explains What He's Up To Now

Ferran Adrià is a busy man, in-between appearances at events around the world, his Bullipedia project and The elBulli Foundation, the Spanish chef, who is not even working in the kitchen anymore, is probably more active now than he’s ever been.

His work at the moment is a multilayered approach towards codifying, understanding and expelling gastronomy in a way that no one has ever tried before and the ambitious Bullipedia project - if ever completed - is a resource that’s set to help every chef and home cook in the world.

As his lattest projects evolve, take new shape and Adrià himself changes the way he is approaching work, it can be hard to follow exactly what it is the chef is currently working on and what he hopes to achieve.

That’s why this 30 minutes video interview with the man himself is so interesting. During the interview Adrià touches upon all the projects he’s currently working on and the internal debates going on inside his own head.

Anyone wanting to understand what the chef is looking at right now should take the time to sit back and watch.

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