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Ferran Adrià: "I am really proud to be Albert’s brother"

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Ferran Adrià: "I am really proud to be Albert’s brother"
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Ferran Adrià has always said his younger sibling Albert, who also worked at his famed restaurant elBulli, has had the great misfortune of being his brother. But things look like they are about to change for Albert Adrià.

Not only has the youngest Adrià been recognized as International Chef of the Year but he has just been named as one of the Top Creators of 2013 by Spanish newspaper El País. The publication gave Ferran Adrià the great privilege of doing a short write up describing his brother's accomplishments this year.

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“His merits formed part of the history of elBulli. When we worked there together and the press would ask who was the best cook I knew, I’d always say the best was Albert. I’m sure they thought, “of course, he says that because it’s his brother,” but in the last few years Albert has made huge leaps,” Ferran Adrià wrote.

He went on to praise Albert for his culinary innovation saying: “I am really proud to be Albert’s brother. What will begin to happen in just a little bit of time is that when people ask who is Ferran Adrià, the answer will be: 'he’s Albert Adrià’s brother'." 

Albert Adrià runs a handful of restaurants in Barcelona including Tickets and 41 degrees, both of which earned their first Michelin star this year. He describes his simple but elegant dishes as “elBulli cuisine for the neighborhood.” You can expect to see him in the upcoming documentary Constructing Albert.

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