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Ferran Adria on His Culinary Wikipedia

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Ferran Adria on His Culinary Wikipedia

We've talked a lot about Ferran Adria's latest Bullipedia project at FDL. The chef, famous for running the elBulli restaurant in Spain, has been working on a new website that will run a lot like Wikipedia for modern food.

Adria has slowly revealed plans of the project as it's developed but now we have an extensive run down of how it will actually work for the user.

Speaking at the final Harvard lecture on Science and Cooking Ferran took the time to show off an exciting preview of how the site will work.

The lecture itself is extremely interesting but the final look at Bullipedia, which he hopes will become an online database of culinary knowledge including techniques, ingredients and specific history of certain styles of cooking, is the most interesting part of all.

The lecture is over 2 hours long but when someone like Ferran Adria starts to discuss food it's pretty hard to look away.



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