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Ferran Adria To Recreate Someone's Favorite Childhood Dish

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Ferran Adria To Recreate Someone's Favorite Childhood Dish

What’s your favourite childhood dish? Imagine it for a second, got it? Now imagine it recreated by one of the world’s best chefs as a personal dish just for you? Amazing, right?

It might seem like the stuff of culinary dreams but this is exactly what the world famous chef Ferran Adrià will do in 2018 for four lucky guests.

Working alongside the website CharityBuzz and raising funds for One Drop, Adria - famous for reimagining gastronomy at his elBulli restaurant in Roses, Spain - has auctioned his culinary prowess and will now turn one lucky bidder's favourite childhood dish into an elbulli-esque creation. 

“Select your favorite dish or old-time family recipe and challenge Ferran Adrià to reinvent it in an avant-garde format,” read the lot, encouraging people to bid on the unique experience.

It doesn’t say who bought the once in a lifetime opportunity or how much they paid for it but just imagine, this could could see Ferran Adrià recreating someone's nostalgic memory of jelly and ice cream. The main man himself serving up a person's favorite memory of breakfast as spherified beans on top of elbulli sausages - wow! 

Jokes aside, the idea of Adria turning his hand to one of your favourite dishes is a special experience. Especially because the winner also gets to enjoy a private tasting with Adria at the new Enigma restaurant, opened by his brother Albert, in Barcelona.

What would you ask him to cook? 

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