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Why The Internet Has Raised $354,000 for This Old Popsicle Seller

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Why The Internet Has Raised $354,000 for This Old Popsicle Seller

As irritating, crazy and irrational the internet can sometimes make us, it also has the capabilities of making people do surprising, loving, caring and wonderful things.

The latest of these is the story of Fedencio Sanchez, a Paletas seller from Chicago who is currently set to receive $354,000 thanks to the generosity of people online.

Sanchez was first spotted struggling with his heavy refrigeration cart by Joel Cervantes Macias. He says Sanchez, who is 89-years-old, explained he was only doing the job to raise money to pay for his daughter’s funeral. Macias bought himself 20 Paletas (Mexican popsicles) and when he returned home posted a picture of Sanchhez on Facebook.

The response to that picture was so rapid that he set up an online funding campaign, telling people Sanchez’s story and asking them to donate money to his cause. The original target was set for a modest $3 but that figure has been made to look like meagre change with over 16,000 people donating. 

Some commenters on the funding page have questioned the legitimacy of the campaign, worried that Sanchez might not receive the money, but Marcias has promised to film and document the handover of the money, we can’t wait for that reaction.


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