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London Mayor Wants to Reduce Fatty Fast Foods

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London Mayor Wants to Reduce Fatty Fast Foods

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson says he is behind plans to help reduce the rising problem of obesity throughout the capital.

Johnson is backing new Takeaway Toolkits, guidea that sets out ways in which local authorities across London can tackle the affects of fast food on the health of people living in London.

There are currently an estimated 8,273 fast food shops across the capital and the problem of obesity is something Johnson wants to tackle now, "As a city, as a nation, we are getting fatter. Just over a third of 10 and 11 year olds are overweight or obese, with numbers rising all time, contributing to a problem that costs the NHS as much as £4 billion annually."

"We enjoy fast food, whilst takeaway businesses contribute to local economies. This guide shows how councils can manage the proliferation of takeaways across the capital, but also how by working with businesses as well as schools, we can all be served up much healthier tucker."

It's an interesting idea to try and work alongside takeaways to reduce the use of saturated fats, sugars and salts but with the cheapest products offering the highest profits and the highest amount of fat, will the Mayor have to implement some form of ban or tax similar to that of Mayor Bloomberg n New York before takeaways take note.

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