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The Lean Mean Farmer's Vending Machine

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The Lean Mean Farmer's Vending Machine
Photo Farmer's Fridge

We've seen some pretty cool vending machine concepts. There's the champagne vending machine and even one that sells caviar. Now, there's a new kid on the block: behold the Farmer's Fridge vending machine. Instead of being stocked with chips, soda and other junk food the machine sells good-for-you fresh foods.

Located along a corridor at a Chicago mall, sandwiched between a McDonald's and a Dunkin Donuts, this lean mean farmer-approved vending machine dispenses layered salads, fruit cups and other healthy snacks like salmon and chicken out of a machine encased in repurposed barn wood.

The salads aren't wimpy either. The hearty vegetarian salads include the  North Napa Salad, made with avocado, organic red grapes, dried cherries and pistachios, and the Mediterranean Salad, which features kalamata olives, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, artichoke hearts and cannellini beans. Meat lovers will enjoy the Cheater's salad, which has eggs, cheese and bacon. 

To keep things fresh the Farmer's Fridge vending machine is restocked every 24 hours. Cooks begin working on the salads at 5 a.m. ensuring that the machine is restocked by 10 a.m., ahead of the lunch rush.  After 6 p.m. items are a dollar off and anything that isn't sold by the end of the day is given to a local homeless shelter, founder Luke Saunders told Modern Farmer.

At the moment Farmer's Fridge caters to business in downtown Chicago and is seeking the collaboration of more local farmers to help expand their business.

Do you dig the Farmer's Fridge vending machine or do you prefer junk food? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Via Farmer's Fridge and Modern Farmer

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