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This 'Farm Village' Could be The Future of Living

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This 'Farm Village' Could be The Future of Living

The picture you see above is a ‘farm village’ and promises to be the world’s first true ‘off–grid’ neighbourhood.

The idea comes from ReGen Villages, a California–based company that wants to change the way we live together in spaces.

The village will allow residents to live a fully sustainable life: growing their own food, generating their own energy and managing its own waste.

Food will be produced on–site with fruit and vegetable gardening throughout the village. There will be an aquaculture system in place to help produce fertiliser and energy will be produced through a number of methods: solar, wind and biomass.

The idea is to combine technology with architecture and build a fully self sufficient farm village for residents.

Speaking to Fast Company, ReGen Villages CEO James Ehrlich said: “We're really looking at starting off as the Tesla of eco-villages. We are redefining residential real-estate development by creating these regenerative neighbourhoods, looking at first these greenfield pieces of farmland where we can produce more organic food, more clean water, more clean energy, and mitigate more waste than if we just left that land to grow organic food or do permaculture there."

The designers predict the village will produce tonnes of edible goodies. They also say the ‘power positive’ way in which it will produce energy will allow residents to sell excess electricity back to the national grid.

The first farm village is set to launch in Almere, just outside Amsterdam, with a pilot scheme of 25 homes. Makers expect this to quickly rise to 100 homes and hope that a successful pilot in Holland will help roll the idea out to new countries.

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