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See How Easy it Is to Make Fake Steak

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See How Easy it Is to Make Fake Steak

The You Tuber running The Balistic BBQ channel has caused quite a stink online after he showed how easily it is for a restaurant to pass of cheap cuts of meat as a piece of steak.

Using transglutaminase - also known as meat glue - the person operating the channel takes brisket and cuts of stewing meat and carefully places them together. This pile of meat cuts is then vacuum packed to make the pieces stick better and form what looks like one piece of meat.

The person behind the video says he made it to show the deception that’s taking place in many restaurants, warning that some places could use the technique to “pass off a bunch of scraps welded together as real steak.”

The piece of meat does look like the real deal, especially once it’s been grilled but a closer inspection from anyone with a keen eye who has seen this video would probably reveal a fake. It’s also worth noting that it’s illegal for restaurants to try and pass off one cut of meat as something different.

Here's a great Steak Doneness Chart for anyone who wants to make their own at home. 

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