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World's Leading Agronomists Meet to Discuss Feeding the Planet

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World's Leading Agronomists Meet to Discuss Feeding the Planet

Expo Milano 2015 is getting ready to host the five day congress for the World Association of Agronomists

The program starts on September 14th with a ceremony for the 800 agronomists visiting from all over the world.

The following day proceeding will get under way with an introduction to six key areas:

* Biodiversity and genetic improvement
* Sustainability and productivity
* Development and local identity
* Food and food waste
* Climate change and the land
* Cultural planning and social responsibility

Each area will be introduced by experts in the corresponding fields with the presentations live streamed online.

The rest of the days will see the agronomists debating topics with round table discussions.

The entire event will culminate on September 18th with the presentation of an Agronomy Charter, a world charter of principles for feeding the planet, that will be presented to the Minister of Agriculture.

Speaking on the the Expo website, Andrea Sisti, president of The European Confederation of Agronomists Associations, said: “The World Agronomy Charter means to use shared ethical limits and agronomical research,” explained Andrea Sisti, president of CONAF, “to reduce pressure on the environment and to measure the Earth’s health over time. The aim is to formulate governance principles (planning, design and monitoring) of the Global Farm, made up of 570 million farms censused in 161 countries.”

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