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Expo Milano 2015 - Three Pavilions Worth Visiting

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Expo Milano 2015 - Three Pavilions Worth Visiting

As Expo Milano 2015 quickly approaches we’ve been taking look at some of the interesting pavilions countries will be building to present a range of exciting projects with the theme of food and ‘feeding the planet, energy for life’.

This is the first ever Universal Expo to focus directly on issues relating to food. We’ve already looked at China, France, Germany, the U.S. and now we’re back with three more interesting pavilions to add to your Expo Itinerary.

Czech Republic
The pavilion for the Czech Republic is set to focus on the issue of water and water resources with as well as the use of nanotechnology in the field of human and animal health, and the safe production of food.

The central theme of ‘water’ will be reflected with the incorporation of a mirror of water at the centre of the pavilion. The pavilion will also contain a number of shops and restaurants serving traditional Czech products and a roof garden that promised to offer guests the chance to enjoy a ‘laboratory of life’.

Azerbaijan (pictured above). 
This wonderful structure has been designed to educate visitors about the different producers found within Azerbaijan. Produced with wood and stone, the pavilion will welcome visitors to explore three different biospheres covering, landscapes, climatic zones, and culture and innovation.

The organises promise a light restaurant that will present a range of products and traditional dishes from Azerbaijan.

Ireland promises to give visitors the chance to enjoy the delights of their land with a pavilion that will focus on Irelands work with nature. Visitors will be taken on a journey through Ireland’s scenic landscape as as they’re taught about how the country’s landscape and weather has helped to make the country one of the best farming and fishing locations in the world.

A leader in ‘sustainable production’, the country hopes to share its vision of working working with nature and showcasing the world of farmers and food producers. The official releases says visitors will also have the chance ‘to taste and smell the delights of Ireland’ - get ready.

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