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Expo Milano 2015: 10 Pavilion Attractions to See

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Expo Milano 2015: 10 Pavilion Attractions to See

The purpose built site for Expo Milano 2015 is huge. The vast space with over 100 different pavilions, representing countries from all over the world, is not easy to tackle, there’s just so much happening.

However, the Expo team have helped with a list of over 50 different pavilion attractions that you can visit when at the Expo.

Here’s 10 of our favourite from the list and don’t forget to look at all Expo Milano 2015 coverage on Fine Dining Lovers.

Austria - Read More
There’s a space where visitors can be transported into the microclimate of an Austrian woodland as something called the ‘evapotranspiration’ of plants is harnessed as an alternative to air conditioning.

Take a trek through 10 mini botanical gardens that all features special selection of plants and vegetables that will bloom at different stages during the Expo.

Brazil - Read More
The Brazilian pavilion features a huge net that allows visitors to travel over the three levels of the structure and trigger light and sound sensors as they bounce.

This pavilion shows of some cool tech with 3D Holograms of ingredients such as quinoa, roses and cocoa - it doesn’t stop there though. The smells of the ingredients will also be recreating in a multi sensory environment set to trick the mind.

Even from the outside the Japanese pavilion looks impressive. It’s made using 17,000 pieces of wood and a restaurant that offers people virtual meal explanations.

This pavilion is shaped like a huge piece of corn and features a beautiful urban garden inside.

The dutch bring some fun with their pavilion inspired by a fair ground, including the Ferris Wheel.

Step inside this pavilion and take the journey of a bee. That’s right, visitors to the UK stage will be taken on the journey of a bee as it flies from meadows and orchids back to its hive.

Czech Republic
The Czech Republic’s pavilion features a swimming pool at the centre, perfect for when the heat hits Milan.

USA - Read More
The USA pavilion is accessed by a wooden boardwalk from Coney Island and offers visitors the chance to explore a barn inspired structure with a vertical farm and a lot of different food.

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