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Expo Milano 2015 - What Spain Will Bring

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Expo Milano 2015 - What Spain Will Bring

Expo Milano 2015 is set to be the biggest food event of the year. 6 months of amazing exhibits from over 140 different countries from around the world, each one in Milan to present their interpretation of the Expo’s theme of ‘Feeding The Planet - Energy for Life.’

It’s the first time a world fair has focused on food and the countries taking part seem set to wow millions of visitors, 20 million are expected over six months, with their innovation, creativity and, of course, their gastronomy.

We’ve taken closer looks at a number of countries taking part in Expo Milano 2015: Germany, France, China and The USA and today it’s time to focus one of the recent leaders in world gastronomy, Spain.

The Spanish Pavilion consists of an ambitious set of plans to showcase the country’s clever mixing of innovation and tradition - especially when referring to food. The country say they also want to use the space to share their experiences in the production and distribution of basic foodstuffs and the ‘benefits of its dietary model’.

All these ideas will be addressed within a 2,000 square meter space that has been designed to reflect this marriage of tradition and innovation through two ‘large block’ areas, one made from wood and one from steel. Like many of the pavilion designs for the 2015 Expo, Spain’s structure will be made using sustainable materials and ‘prefabricated modules’ that can easily be dismantled after the event.

The space seems almost like a large green house with natural light flying in through many glass panels that surround the structure. The idea is to merge the the feeling of being outdoors within an indoor space.

Inside the pavilion, visitors will be treated to a whole mix of exhibitions and interactive events that will present the message of the ‘language of flavour’. This will see visitors cooking areas, hyrdroponic gardens, a teaching garden and a set of clever digital scenery that will transport visitors all over Spain.

It just wouldn’t be Spain without some tapas and the country plan to keep visitors refreshed with a specially designed tapas bar and a Spanish restaurant.

S.Pellegrino is Official Water partner of the Italy's Expo Milano 2015 and Padiglione Italia

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