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Expo Milano 2015 - What Germany Will Bring

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Expo Milano 2015 - What Germany Will Bring

The purpose built sustainable city for Expo Milano 2015 is quickly growing as countries from all over the world arrive in Italy to build their pavilions. Each international stage will be used to demonstrate a a mix of ideas relating to the Expo theme of ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’.

We’ve already looked at the China and U.S.A pavilions and with this being the first ever World Expo to focus on food, we will continue to highlight a number of the countries, protagonists and interesting activities taking place at what is arguably the largest food related event ever planned.

The next Pavilion in the spotlight is from Germany. They will build the biggest pavilion of all the countries at the Expo with a structure inspired by ‘farmlands and flowering meadows’.

The huge pavilion, with an overall theme of nature, will house an interactive exhibition that will see visitors given a mobile device to discover exciting ideas while exploring scenes depicting land, water, climate and biodiversity. Visitors will eventually be asked to experience the world through the eyes of two bees, a unique experience that promises to force some of the 20 million people expected to hit Milan over the six month Expo to experience the world as they’ve never seen it before.

The German pavilion will also feature an open access area dedicated to German food tastings. Like many of the countries taking part in the event, Germany will also open a number of restaurants on the site. The first is a special gourmet restaurant with fine dining and the second is a restaurant that promises to reflect the country’s Gemütlichkeit (true German hospitality).

S.Pellegrino will be Official Water partner of the Italy's Expo Milano 2015 and Padiglione Italia. 

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