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Expo Milano 2015 - Inside the Future Food District

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Expo Milano 2015 - Inside the Future Food District

The Future Food District at Expo Milano 2015, an entire experience that offers people the chance to experience food shopping in the future, is now in full swing and the pictures from inside the space are impressive.

Designed by the Italian architect and Carlo Ratti - the space offers people a glimpse of exactly what a supermarket in the future may look like, a chance to see a vertical farm and also a range of cool refreshment kiosks.

We spoke with Ratti before the space opened but now we can reveal exactly what a trip to the supermarket of the future entails.

Guests start by taking lightweight and recyclable baskets that are made out of cardboard. Once inside the one of five shopping areas they can then place products on interactive tables that reveal information about the product such as ‘presence of allergens, geographic origins, nutritional values and environmental impact’.

All food is packed in future style packaging using high pressure and is designed to keep foods fresh for longer, reducing overall waste.

This really is your chance to step into the future and experience food, shopping and information delivery in a whole new way.

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