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Expo Milano 2015 - Climate Change Debate

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Expo Milano 2015 - Climate Change Debate

As much as the Expo in Milan is about promoting and celebrating gastronomy around the world, one of the biggest and most important themes revolves around the idea of just how we intend to feed the planet as populations grow and the climate continues to change.

There were meetings last week in Brussels to discuss the idea of a EU wide ban on supermarkets throwing away edible food - a similar ban to that passed last month in France - and this week in Milan there was a conference organised by the European Commission that looked closely at the problems of climate change and how our increasing climate alters the health of plants and their cultivation.

Held as a debate amongst experts, speakers included: Pieter Beck (a researcher at the European Commission Joint Research Centre), Dan Leskien (Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations), Craig Fedchock (Coordinator of the International Plant Protection Convention IPPC) and Marco Cattaneo (Director of National Geographic in Italy).

The idea is to promote new methods of agriculture and to fully asses the damages and affects posed by climate change. The idea has always been that the Expo would lead to these types of important discussions, let’s just hope they continue and help make a difference while millions of Expo visitors get excited about bouncing on a net in the Brazilian pavilion.

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