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Expo Milan 2015 - Get Ready for The Cacao Cluster

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Expo Milan 2015 - Get Ready for The Cacao Cluster

We’ve focused a lot on the different country pavilions for Expo Milano 2015 with reports on exactly what China, France, Germany, Spain and The USA plan to offer the expected 20 million visitors attending the first ever Universal Exposition to focus on food.

All the major presentations at Expo Milano 2015 are expected to fall within the country specific pavilions but with so many different projects on offer, organisers have chosen to split each the participants into one of nine special areas called clusters. These clusters breakdown the pavilions into a specific food group such as rice, coffee, spices and, the focus of this week’s Expo piece, cacao.

The Cacao is made up of pavilions from Cameroon, Cuba, Gabon, Ghana, Sao Tome and Principe and the world’s largest producer of cacao, The Ivory Coast.

The Cocoa Cluster promises to immerse visitors into a natural setting that represents the ‘environment in which cacao trees grow’. It will feel as if they have walked inside a real jungle, a dense atmosphere of light and dark, light will cast shadows formed by a selection of large poles throughout the cluster - these are to represented the large trees that cacao grows beneath.

In communal areas, visitors will be able to experience presentations on ‘the story of Cocoa and Chocolate, biodiversity and the cultivation of cocoa, the process and the technology for the production of chocolate from cocoa, the importance of Cocoa products for the health and the economies of producing countries’.

And where’s the chocolate at? Visitors to all the pavilions within the cluster will have the chance to sample the chocolate delights produced by each country. A great way to sample cacao in many forms and flavours.

As one of the most loved and consumed ingredients around the world, the story of cacao and the 30 country’s that rely on it as one of their biggest sources of income, is one that falls firmly within the ‘Feeding The Planet’ theme of this year’s Expo. We can’t wait to walk into the jungle, feel the atmosphere, experience the stories and, of course, taste the cacao.

S.Pellegrino will be Official Water partner of the Italy's Expo Milano 2015 and Padiglione Italia. 

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