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This Christmas Pudding Costs Over $15,000

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This Christmas Pudding Costs Over $15,000

It’s that time of year again when PR agencies across the land convince chefs that the way to our hearts is by cooking up a well known Christmas classic using the most expensive ingredients they can get their hands on.

The latest chef to step into the fray is Matt Worswick at the Wirral's Thornton Hall Hotel who has created what’s been named ‘The Ultimate Millionaire Christmas Pudding’.

Worswick’s Christmas pudding creation comes in at a monster price of around $15,000, most of which is spent on Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl brandy.

The pud itself contains all sort of expensive ingredients including being finished with edible gold and silver leaf. 

Anyone who actually wants to spend that sort of money on cake should order it 24 hours in advance, I guess so they have time to open the double keyed vault containing the raisins. 

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