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There's Now a $22 Strawberry on Sale in Hong Kong

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There's Now a $22 Strawberry on Sale in Hong Kong
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Fruit in Asia is often gifted and certain fruits come with certain significance, it’s why a pair of matching melons sold for thousands of dollars, it’s also why cherries in the height of season command such a high price. Added significance also adds cash.

The latest mad fruit pricing to come out of Asia are these $22 strawberries from a supermarket in Hong Kong. Yes, you heard that right, $22 for one strawberry.

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The Kotoka Strawberry is one of three types of single strawberry being sold, alongside the Awayuki and the Pearl White. They are all on offer at the luxury supermarket, City Super, but it's the Kotoka people seem to have focused on. They’re grown in the Nara prefecture of Japan, and apparently have a “good acidity and rich sweetness”.

The packaging for the strawberries looks more like a high end jewelry box, with the fruit nestled on straw inside protective foam, a lot like a diamond ring. 

Those who think it’s a little bit pricey can always opt for a $6 banana from this supermarket in Tokyo.

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