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€30,000 for Two Bottles of Champagne

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€30,000 for Two Bottles of Champagne

A restaurant in Singapore has purchased the one of the most expensive bottles of champagne in the world.

The bottle of 170-year-old Veuve Clicquot was bought by Buyan a Russian restaurant that serves a mix of traditional Russian meals and more expensive haute cuisine for Tsars, visiting Russians and locals.

The bottles were found in a shipwreck and and after being opened and tasted by Champagne expert Richard Juhlin, who said they tasted wonderful and possessed an intense aroma, two were sold to Buyan for €30,000.

The Champagne still has its bubbles but there's no saying whether or not it will be sold or displayed within the restaurant.

The restaurant also purchased one of Napoleon's favorite wines, paying €24,000 for a bottle of Juglar champagne.

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