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The World's Shiniest Object is a Fruit

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The World's Shiniest Object is a Fruit

We recently brought you the disheartening news of gold and silver spray paints for food, as unhappy as we were with them we were also a little disappointed that more foods don't have a shiny finish.

That is until we found this super shiny, all natural, exotic fruit from central Africa. Called Pollia condensat its a herb that sprouts small fruit like berries that are classed as the world's shiniest living thing.

Silver, blue, red and metallic - the ever changing fruit reflects light in an intense way thanks to the way the cells within are structured.

The team over at Discover Magazine have a great breakdown of just how the fruit works and a look at the research of Silvia Vignolini from the University of Cambridge who has analyzed the fruits because of the interesting way they bend light.

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