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Eat at Every 3 Michelin Starred Restaurant in 6 Months

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Eat at Every 3 Michelin Starred Restaurant in 6 Months

One lucky and rather rich food lover is being offered the chance to take the ultimate culinary voyage and embark on a mission to eat at every three-Michelin starred restaurant in the world in just 6 months.

The epic epicurean journey is being offered by the luxury travel company VeryFirstTo. Costing around $275,000 the winning bider will spend 6 months eating at all 109 restaurants around the world that have been awarded the coveted three star rating.

It's a grueling itinerary that calls on the diner to eat at one of the restaurants every other day - something that may sound like a dream but that could easily lead to a Michelin induced coma.

The last and only person we know who has attempted a similar journey was the Swiss racing car driver Pascal Henry who set off on a self funded trip to in 2008 to dine at all the three-Michelin starred restaurants in the world.

Henry strangely disappeared after a dinner at the legendary elBulli restaurant. He was last seen going to fetch a business card from his car, vanishing without a trace. He left behind a hat, a folder of pictures and a diary signed by some of the world's best chefs.

At the time there were just 68 three starred restaurants in the world and Henry stopped at just 40. He was later found drawing cash out of a bank machine in Geneva after an Interpol manhunt. It never really came to light exactly what happened that made him exit elBulli but something about the grueling journey made him snap, telling one journalist that despite all the eating he was feeling a huge emptiness that continued to grow.

With this trip containing 41 more restaurants than Henry's original adventure  - who knows what sort of effects endless tasting courses of ultra rich food, wine tasting menus of astronomic proportions and delicacies from around the world will have on a person.

What we do know is that they're going to try food from some of the world's greatest dishes, from The Roca Brothers in El Celler De Can Roca to Thomas Keller at Per Se, Grant Achatz at Alinea and Alain Ducasse and his lavish Le Louis XV restaurant pictured above - It's a culinary trip of a lifetime - if you can handle it.

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