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Would You Give Up Your Phone in a Restaurant?

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Would You Give Up Your Phone in a Restaurant?

If you're one of those people who hate hearing other people speak on the phone when you're out to eat, then this restaurant in LA which offers a 5% discount to customers who leave don't take their phones.

However, the owners of Eva Restaurant in Los Angelese, say the offer is not to stop people chatting loudly but more to encourage a relaxed atmosphere away from the mobile.

With mobile use on apps like Instagram, 4sqaure and Twitter at an all time high in the restaurant industry it's a bold move but one that will surely be welcomed by many guests. In fact, the restaurant management claim that over 50% of diners choose to give up their phone before entering the restaurant.

There's no denying phones are becoming a welcomed distraction in our lives and this type of idea highlights the need to step away sometimes and enjoy someone else's company over dinner.

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