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Fast Track Vegan Chef Course Opens in London

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Fast Track Vegan Chef Course Opens in London

A new vegan cookery school has opened in London launching what seems to be the "first ever fast-track and hands-on Vegan chef course in Europe."

The idea being to train more people in plant-based cooking in response to a shortage of professionally trained chefs in the vegan sector able and a growing vegan population.

Starting in January 2019 the fast track vegan chef course will offer a one day a week 12-week course, taught by The Vegan Chef Institutes Co-Founders Chef Day Radley and Chantal Di Donato -both leaders in the field of veganism and food-for-health. 

"As a vegan chef you are acutely aware that the dish you serve may convince someone to become vegan or help them to remain vegan. Each good plate of food adds weight to the vegan choice, it says ‘this is delicious, you are not missing out, so yes, you can do this’ says chef Day.

London is already in the throws of embracing vegan fine dining. Gauthier in Soho, a Michelin-starred fine dining French restaurant owner Alexis Gauthier, has already pledged to go fully vegan in his restaurant within 18 months. Meanwhile, traditional Leith's cookery school in London, also offers opened a vegan course last year in response to popular demand.

According to research, almost 7% of the UK population are now vegan.

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