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16-Year-Old Flynn McGarry Has Opened in New York - Here's Pictures

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16-Year-Old Flynn McGarry Has Opened in New York - Here's Pictures
Photo @Katetelfeyan / Instagram

16-year-old Flynn McGarry has opened his restaurant in New York and pictures are slowly coming in from people on social media.

McGarry caused quite a stink with news that he would be opening three-day-a-week pop-up in New York with many, including chef David Santos, saying he was way too young to make such a step.

McGarry, who will serve a course tasting menu priced at $160, responded to his critics in an interview and continues to respond with the opening of the restaurant and the high amount of praise he’s receiving from those who have eaten there. It’s worth noting that praise is only on social media at the moment as there haven’t been any proper reviews filed yet - we’re sure they’re coming.

Before the real reviews roll in, here’s a look at some of the best pictures posted online from people attending his first few dinners.

Take a look.


Eureka Beet bordelaise (as edited by @katetelfeyan ) and cooked by @diningwithflynn.

A photo posted by Ryan Burke (@ryan_p_burke) on


The last of summer (squash). 😍 @diningwithflynn

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Picture by Marc Lewinstein.  

Picture by Marc Lewinstein.


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