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Esben Holmboe Bang on Culinary Journeys

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Esben Holmboe Bang on Culinary Journeys
The latest episode of CNN International’s Culinary Journeys show has now aired. It features chef Esben Holmboe Bang as he visits the arctic and discovers some of the interesting techniques used to cure fish in that part of the world. 
Bang is the world’s youngest three Michelin starred chef after receiving the highest accolade from the guide in 2016 and the Culinary Journeys episode shows his hardcore dedication to discovery. 
You can watch the entire episode in three parts below, alongside some answers from the chef about his journey and what it felt like to find out about his third star. The full episode will also air Monday 27 at 0400 BST on CNN International. 
What was the best part of the culinary journey for you? 
"To see and experience the arctic is always a very profound experience for me. It´s something I feel a close connection with so I can´t wait to go back.
Part 1 


Can you tell us more about some of the preservation techniques you learned about on the trip? 

We mostly looked at old technics for curing fish. Preservation through drying and salting. It´s definitely something we will try and develop further back in the restaurant.

You recently received the highest accolade possible as a chef - three stars - how did this feel? 
It´s obviously extremely joyful, very humbling and slightly surreal to be awarded three Michelin stars. At the same time I think it´s important that you stick to what you do and not think too much about it. We are defining our own ambitions through what we would like our guests to experience. We are free.
Part 2 

Why do you think the Nordic regions have been so prolific in the food world in the past 5 years - what drives this? 
I think the strong personal identities in the Nordic restaurants is the driving force. Everybody has their own way of cooking and thinking about our landscape. We also have strong regional differences. 

Part 3

If you could take a culinary Journey anywhere in the world with a blank cheque, where would you go?
Back to Japan. 

What’s the one culinary journey you look forward to taking?
I just want to go back into the arctic again.

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