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Eric Ripert's Sweet Lesson in Beekeeping (Video)

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Eric Ripert's Sweet Lesson in Beekeeping (Video)
Photo Screenshot via Youtube

Celebrity chef Eric Ripert is known for being a free spirit. He's explored cacao farms in Peru with buddy Anthony Bourdain, fished for spiny lobsters in the Caribbean and has most recently tried his hand at beekeeping.

In the latest episode of his YouTube show Avec Eric, the chef battles a swarm of bees and learns all about their secret lives. Ripert dons a full beekeeper's suit to keep himself safe while dipping his hands into the bee's honeycomb. It's definitely interesting to see how the zen chef operate while a thousand bees fly around him.

After his lesson, Ripert makes a realization: his New York restaurant Le Bernardin operates pretty much like a beehive. ''The life of the restaurant is very complex. You know, it's not just a chef and a waiter, it's a lot of people working together. At Le Bernardin we are 120 people working together so it's teamwork. It's very similar to the lives of the bees in their beehive because the space is limited. In the beehive, the bees were accomplishing different functions that are vital for the beehive. Everybody has a very defined function at a restaurant.''

Want to know what else is buzzing with Ripert? Watch the full episode of Avec Eric below:

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